Vindictus transformation 3

vindictus transformation 3
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Level 5: Attack up to 6 enemies with the projectile. If you only use trans, and do nothing with it till the end, you get 75 exp. Weapons and shield will not break after transformation, but will return to the same state before transformation. Level 4: Attack up to 5 enemies with the projectile. On boat, using trans before the host pressed the start button, will not take away your count for the hour.

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Jaylin. Age: 23.
vindictus transformation 3

Approximately damage done is 1 trans exp, overkill counts as well; dealing more than 25, damage will guarantee you max trans exp.

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Kylee. Age: 30.
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Killing the boss does not guarantee you trans exp. Vindictus Ainle Bosses Guide June 14, Firestorm Increase the number of enemy you can Steal from. If you have used trans in that particular dungeon, it will show the same message.

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