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Much like Kiyoshi, every time Meiko caught a glimpse of the nipple hair she was whisked off to a land of imagination and sapped of her energy. Gaining the final upper hand, Kiyoshi slips Hana a bit of tongue. The visual cut at the end is absolutely perfect and makes the scene even more ridiculous. Unfortunately for Kiyoshi, when the phone they were using to spy with falls into the bathroom, he has to go and retrieve it. The Underground Student Council doesn't like the new change in policy, and so anyone seen interacting with the boys will be sent to a prison set up in the school's courtyard.

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Kiyoshi's squirming causes Hana to slip and well

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[Thirsty Thursday] Top 5 Prison School Ecchi Scenes

Unable to bear the awkwardness she hits Kiyoshi, causing him to fall to his knees. Fortunately for everyone, the boys get themselves into trouble of their own and are sent to the prison. All of Meiko's spitting has caused immense pleasure for Andre, and with the pin, he lets out a final cry of pure pleasure. In their last break attempt at freedom, one of the boys must make their way to the Warden's Office to unlock the back door.

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