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Bondage can mean pinning a partner's hands behind their back in order to restrict their movement or slipping on a pair of pink, fluffy handcuffs. Called your lover degrading or humiliating names If any of these look familiar, you've already ventured into the wonderful world of kink or BDSM. In fact, some couples that enjoy it never physically interact with each other. Of the three concepts within the umbrella term of BDSM, domination and submission is the most emotional. Get the details on what the hell BDSM means and how you can incorporate it into your sex life. Bitten your lover's neck or other body parts 4.

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Performed degrading acts to your partner

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Ask a Guy: "What Makes a Woman a Freak in the Sheets?"

Sadism and Masochism Fact: The term originated from the names of two European writers Marquis de Sade sadism and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch masochism , who documented how sexual pleasure could be discovered in the giving and receiving of pain as a form of sexual expression. Things like forbidding an orgasm, denying sex, or having to perform sexual or nonsexual acts fall under this category. Used force or domination 6. To go even further with this kind of kink, play out roles like high-class escort and client or naughty student and professor.

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