Nuns in anime

nuns in anime
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Whenever they manage to convert others, it's generally played for laughs. Plenty of Yuri Genre anime set in all-female Catholic schools , and don't have Romantic Two-Girl Friendship -kind, conveniently ignore how the Church and Christianity, in general, are notorious for being Heteronormative Crusaders. It may be debatable if Garterbelt's behavior is a good example of this trope since some catholic priests and even popes have done stuff like that, and even worse, in Real Life. The priests are technically too young to be priests, but only by a few years. As for Panty And Stocking themselves The other kids were all adopted out, but Duo kept being brought back because the would-be parents couldn't handle him. Justin from Soul Eater has all the trappings of a Catholic priest, but is casual, young, and ironically a demon weapon, able to transform fully or partially into a guillotine.

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And will definitely seem strange when all the western priests seem to be weirdly familiar with Japanese culture.

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Anime Catholicism

This is very uncharacteristic in the west. For starters, 'Magic' is synonomous with 'Religion', as almost all magic users are either part of, or were once part of, fantasy versions of real-life religions. Female popes may be inspired by certain legends, such as Pope Joan. And there's a hot , glasses-wearing nun sidekick casting magic spells.

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