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The history of Dick's butt is as long as his rump is tight and it has stood firmly for a couple of important things over the years. In Gail Simone's run of Secret Six , Nicola Scott penciled the now-famous image of Grayson in the "butt pose," a gratuitous, often spin-contorting position female superheroes are often forced into on movie posters. In her story, Grayson had wanted Batgirl to think he was dead. In Tom King and Tim Seeley's Grayson 6, another character, Midnighter, is suffering from a condition that makes it hard for him to recognize faces, but he still ID'd Grayson from behind. Except every week in your inbox. In Sam Humphries' Nightwing run, thanks to the talents of illustrators Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo, Grayson has been hypersexualized while undercover as an exotic dancer whose booty rarely leaves the frame. Not only is it a lob to the female gaze, appealing to those of us attracted to males and giving us eye candy we rarely get in comics, but his rear satirizes the way women are often portrayed in comics.

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King and company knew how distracting that gymnastics-toned appendage could be and gave us maybe the most realistic panel in comics in Grayson 8 of a few focused ladies.

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In her story, Grayson had wanted Batgirl to think he was dead. Lindsay Traves smashtraves. King's Grayson story wasn't the only time the bat butt blew Dick's cover. Nightwing's poppin' peach is not just a festival for the eyes, but it is also a punk rock statement about comics' portrayal of "fit" characters.

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