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She's good friends with her cousin, Chunky Kong. Brawl , but they became their original white color in Super Smash Bros. Voiced by Becky Japanese dub for animated series : Kahoru Sasajima video games, present. When not at work, Funky loves surfing, drumming, and kart racing. Debut: Donkey Kong Country.

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Genevieve. Age: 31.
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They're the main inhabitants of Donkey Kong Island.

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Arya. Age: 32.
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Cartoon-only Kongs

Donkey Kong's girlfriend — along with Swanky, one of the only two Kongs never to be a playable character. She should be the damsel in distress, not one of the stars! She helped Diddy rescue Donkey when the big ape was kidnapped by the Kremlings, then rescued Diddy himself when he befell the same fate.

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