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I beeline it for the restrooms, which are annoyingly up a flight of stairs, across the ticketing both, and down a second flight of stairs. I just spurted a very small jet of pee in my pants. I finished half the test in the first half hour while constantly squeezing my thighs together. Soon the loud hissing became softer and the last few spurts of pee shot out and i was finished. The accident is now down to my knees on the front of my jeans as I cross the ticket booth area and walk down the stairs to the bathrooms.

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Aubriella. Age: 23.
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I stood by the edge and jumped right in.

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Marilyn. Age: 27.
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Each time I step up another step I either have to stop and grab my already wet crotch thereby drawing attention to my accident-in-progress, or I force myself not to grab my crotch and of course more pee comes out. I looked down to see the material of my jeans soak up even more as a more audible ssssssssssss was heard. Agreed, but initially read that as onion people.

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