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Photo by Jojit Lorenzo. EQUUS is a very intense, disturbing and a bit shocking straight play. It is based on a true crime involving a year-old who blinded six horses in a small town near London.

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Regular readers may recall that I am no great fan of the playwright Peter Schaffer, and Equus seems to me to contain every bit as much phoney baloney and pseudo-profundity as such other of his hits as Amadeus and the Royal Hunt of the Sun. It is, however, no pleasure putting the boot into an octogenarian especially an octogenarian theatrical knight who admits in the theatre programme that it hurts him very much when critics viciously attack his plays. Mea maxima culpa.

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Let's be honest. Maternal West End theatregoers, in particular, caused an uproar and boycotted the show. While the presence of a nude year-old on stage is a striking image, and understandably so, it is in no way gratuitous.

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The Harry Potter star shed his wholesome image when he went full frontal in the West End production, which is currently previewing on Broadway. But Shaffer was less than impressed to find his work overshadowed by the reaction to Radcliffe's nudity. It was so infantile.

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Daniel Radcliffe is getting naked again - but you won't guess what the director is making him do 'down there' We remember him when he was all diddy and squeaky in Harry Potter partly because we were all diddy and squeaky ourselvesbut we're about to get our second eyeful of Daniel Radcliffe's naked form, because the actor has just revealed he's stripping off for yet another role. But not only has the posh actor announced that his bits will be on show for a new project - he's quite happily told the world that is privates will be extra, um, hairy argh!

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Equus is a drama play by Peter Shaffer written intelling the story of a psychiatrist who attempts to treat a young man who has a pathological religious fascination with horses. Shaffer was inspired to write Equus when he heard of a crime involving a year-old who blinded six horses in a small town in Suffolk. The play's action is something of a detective story, involving the attempts of the child psychiatrist Dr.

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So when former Emmerdale regular Ethan Kai discovered he had won the part of disturbed stablehand Alan Strang, which requires full nudity on stage, he was a little apprehensive. I very much wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and go to places I haven't been before, to push myself to develop as an actor and, I guess, as a human being as well. Ethan grew up in Leeds and is best known for playing Kasim Sabet in Emmerdale, who was left unconscious after a car crash and went on to have a relationship with Finn Barton.

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Now that footage of Daniel Radcliffe's nude performance in Equus has hit the interwebs, audiences everywhere have discovered that what the young wizard lacks in wand, he certainly makes up for in sheer balls. It's for precisely that reason that while appearing on Inside the Actor's Studio this week, Radcliffe gave James Lipton a surprising answer to the self-posed question, "Are you ever worried about getting an erection onstage? Take heart, Dan — at least that shrinkage brings you ever closer to your long-held dream of playing Hermione! It's sort of gauche to post a theatre "review" while the show is still in previews, so consider the following not so much of a review as a

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DRESSED in a leather jacket and hunched antisocially over his cellphone, Daniel Radcliffe could have been any other disaffected teenager adrift in gadget-world. But suddenly he looked up and leapt to his feet as if prodded by Emily Post herself. Radcliffe explained.

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Not actually Harry Potter, of course, since he is fictional, but the next best thing: Daniel Radcliffewho plays him in the movies. Now 17, Mr. Tobin, 20, said after a recent performance. To make it clear what audiences are in for, at least in part, photographs of Mr.


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