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A rather large wet spot between her legs that had slowly begun to creep its way up her bottom. Source: brutal-babez , via sissypampers. She lost that chance, and this was what she was left with. With every new aisle we ventured into, we were both left to wonder if the other customers could hear anything - and if they did, if they had any guess as to what they were hearing. I set the pace, and she toddled behind me, every movement causing her bottom half to crinkle loudly. A poetic punishment, I thought. Mindfucked and under control.

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Kensley. Age: 30.
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I swear that I caught a look of surprise on her face as we pulled into the parking lot of the home goods store.

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Ayleen. Age: 27.
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And what was it that I saw? Source: brutal-babez , via sissypampers. Within the same second that I had closed and locked the door, I had pulled up her dress to look at her big-girl panties.

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