Legend of korra model sheets

legend of korra model sheets
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How well does it match the trope? He shared the Fire Nation's advanced technology with the rest of the world. The very first and the most ancient Avatar to exist. According to Tarrlok, he was such a serious threat that Aang had to deal with him decisively. I would have destroyed you! A great spirit of light and peace. She was in the original outline of Book 4 but got cut out of a lack of time.

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Valeria. Age: 27.
legend of korra model sheets

A great spirit of darkness and chaos; Raava's antithesis.

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Korra - Model Sheet

Ten thousand years prior to Korra's time, Wan was a Street Urchin who, through some trickery, was given the power of firebending and used it to steal food from nobles. General Iroh Voiced by: Greg Baldwin. When he intervened in a great battle of forces he did not understand, he set out to correct his mistakes and went on a journey to become not only the most powerful being in the universe, but a legend in his own right.

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