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giantess dance
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The gentlemen all stood in a relatively large square around a portion of the room, while the ladies stood with them until they switched partners; this was to help get the understanding with everyone so they could all help each other. Higher up were her smooth, slightly tanned legs leading up to her black gym shorts with a white line going down each side. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. At least this wasn't as bad as an internet rumor that was going around, where a Giant girl was an exchange student to an all Nano and ended up massacring thousands of them. An important part of the dance was to always keep your feet moving. She was a junior and 23 years old. It seemed like a matter of little consequence; but of course, they were wrong.

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Aubriella. Age: 22.
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Jessica was an exception, however.

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Lyric. Age: 31.
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It just feels weird, whenever his mind goes there. Another pop came from under her sole as Jessica got into position once again; she didn't even bother cleaning her sole this time, it would all happen again soon. Many of them, and some girls, had been crushed already under her towering soles and by her massive ass when she sat down. Passing by the Dance Studio Story Start 2.

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