Doraemon shizuka

doraemon shizuka
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Shizuka is a smart and kind neighbourhood girl. Shizuka-chan is such a good cook! In the English dub, her personality has been partially rewritten as a more tomboyish an athletic personality although her kind and sweet nature remains , because during a screen test, American kids did not quite understand her original personality. Shizuka in the anime In the anime , Shizuka is short, has dark brown hair, and in the episodes she appeared in, wore a short, pink dress, white socks, and red buckle shoes. Shizuka has an OK relationship with her mother, except when she knows she's screwed up.

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Galilea. Age: 20.
doraemon shizuka

During the first few seasons of the anime , Shizuka had more of a cartoonish-look to her, with oval-shaped eyes like in the later episodes of the anime, and has mild-colored skin.

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Corinne. Age: 29.
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Shizuka Minamoto

Dekisugi is a very good friend of Shizuka's. Her love of bathing has also been removed. Also, in the episode Magical Girl Shizu-chan , she stayed outside late, so her mother locked her outside.

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