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In one of the best decades the American economy has ever recorded, families were bled dry by landlords, hospital administrators, university bursars, and child-care centers. But if the bargain protected white workers from slavery, it did not protect them from near-slave wages or backbreaking labor to attain them, and always there lurked a fear of having their benefits revoked. White supremacy has always had a perverse sexual tint. But the conventional nature of the career path makes it more, not less, worthy of examination. Calhoun saw slavery as the explicit foundation for a democratic union among whites, working and not:. And so it will not suffice to say that Trump is a white man like all the others who rose to become president.

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But when white workers suffer, something in nature has gone awry.

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The First White President

Only the idea of a long-suffering white working class can do that. This transfiguration is not novel. White workers are not divided by the fact of labor from other white demographics; they are divided from all other laborers by the fact of their whiteness.

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