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Her keeper was a beautiful woman, with a strict authoritative demeanour that belied her youthful appearance. If Rapunzel had been naughty, she would have to confess to it. Rapunzel was outraged by the racket, an awful metallic clunking and tinging. If Rapunzel had something to confess, her Guardian would tsk dismissively, and retrieve the cane from the wall. And the following night, Rapunzel would fall into lucid, lurid, disturbing dreams. That night, her dreams grew ever more vivid, wretched and obscene.

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When the stranger had finished with the first nail he drove another one in just beside it, allowing him to step up onto his improvised stair.

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He seemed to be tugging at it now, wringing it with ever more increasing vigor until it suddenly spat a creamy stream of - something!? Or standing by the balcony, arms folded, proud and indignant? The enchanted fire smouldering on the edges of the rod only compounding the burning heat of every searing stroke.

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